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Apply These Secret Techniques To Improve Extensions for Short Hair!

Hi girls, how are you?

Today's post has several tips for you to want long hair. How do you make your hair great every day? The things women do to get glorious hair everyday is endless. From hair styling to wearing hairpieces like hair extensions for short hair. We are constantly restless when it comes to beautifying ourselves to look our absolute best. Hair extensions come in different lengths, colours and styles. But what would look good on others does not necessarily look good on you too. There is no such thing as ultimate hair extension that matches for everyone.

Want to transform beautifully with hair extensions? What type of hair extensions best suits short haired women? These must be the top two questions that are burning in your mind right now. While it is true that hair extensions can magically transform a woman, the type of hair extensions to use would depend on several factors like purpose and how long you need them.

The first technique is to find the right type of hair extension. If you have short hair, tape in hair extensions is most likely to fit your needs than any other types as clip-in extensions are way to bulky for short-haired women. Tape-in extensions are inconspicuous, slim and non-damaging to your locks.
Second is the right application. When hair extensions are not applied properly, there is a greater tendency for hair extension malfunction. They are more likely to slip or visible to onlookers which are absolutely a no-no for wearers like us.

Third is always making sure that your tape and the hair are of good quality to ensure long use. If you are unsure of the quality have the diligence to ask around or get feedback on the product before getting them. The best way to know if the product is good is from someone you know and have used the hairpieces. For long term use, I highly recommend human hair extensions from Hair Distributors over synthetic hair as they come out cheaper in the end.

Fourth technique is to religiously follow the appropriate aftercare for your hair extensions like using specific shampoo such as sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. And to avoid using heat like styling tools to preserve the hair longer.

And the last is to keep your appointment with your hairstylist to get your own hair and hairpiece in its top shape. Otherwise, you will fail your goal of looking fabulous at all times.

So, did you like the tips?
Xoxo (:

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  1. Essas extensões são maravilhosas pra quem não consegue deixar o cabelo crescer naturalmente.

  2. ótima dica de loja!

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